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Homebrew ExchangeHomebrew ExchangeHomebrew Exchange (HBX) is a home brewing supply and gift store in North Portland.

We carry supplies for making beer, wine, soda, mead, and cheese. We have many books and magazines, and a collection of recipes that you can look through and take home with you. We also sell unique gifts for beer and wine lovers. See our event calendar for regular classes and demonstrations on how to make beverages and fermented foods at home.

Summer Exchange Party!

Back by popular demand! Homebrew Exchange will be hosting an end-of-summer exchange party. Bring yourself, or bring some fermented goodness to share. Beer, wine, mead, cheese, kombucha, soda, or anything you've put together. Sample dozens of other creations, talk to other DIYers, and have a great time meeting new friends.

Submissions for Best of Show prizes by 07:00 pm.

Door prizes, best in show prizes, etc.

Hope to see you there.
As always, this event is family friendly.

Brewing 101

Event Date: 
2014-08-10 15:00 - 17:30

If you have never brewed before or just need a refresher this is the class for you. Learn about the equipment and ingredients needed to get started. This demo class will take you through the process so that you will feel comfortable brewing at home.

Topics include:

Gravity, sugar, alcohol content.
Malted barley and extracts
Hops. Aroma and bitterness.
Brewing technique. Sanitization.


Brewing on a Small Scale: 1 Gallon All Grain Class

Event Date: 
2014-08-16 15:00 - 18:00

Saturday, August 16
3-6 PM

Do you want to pick up brewing, but live in a small space? Small, 1-gallon brewing systems have been picking up popularity among apartment dwellers, and the Homebrew Exchange wants to help you get started. Brew your own all-grain batches in your soup kettle! We’ll help you pick your own grains, hops, and yeast. Prost!


Lady Brew Portland - A Homebrewing Club for Women

Attention Ladies:

We are finally starting our brew club! Hooray! Lady Brew Portland is designed to encourage women on their way to becoming better homebrewers. All levels of brewer are welcome to participate.

Join us and experience the creativity and satisfaction of making your own beer and hanging out with other awesome beer-curious ladies.

AHA Big Brew Day at HBX

26 years ago, homebrewers got their own holiday, and Homebrew Exchange is here to help you celebrate. This year, we will be hosting an American Homebrewers Association Big Brew event at our location (6550 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR) on May 3, 2014 from 10 am- 4 pm. This event is an opportunity to unite brewers, non-brewers, friends and family in a nationwide celebration of the creativity and ingenuity that homebrewers demonstrate in every batch.

Spring Sale

Click image for full-size flyer.

Spring Exchange Party

Party TimeParty Time Spring means that it's time to party at HBX.

Place: Homebrew Exchange, 6550 N Interstate
Date: Friday April 25th starting at 6PM

If you've never been to an Exchange Party before, no worries. We love meeting new friends. You can just bring yourself, or feel free to bring one thing you made. Either way, you can sample dozens of others' creations. You can bring beer, wine, soda, cheese, just about anything you want to show off or want the opinion of another homebrewer. We would love to sample what you've made and answer any questions that you have about brewing. More details after the cut...

How to Grow Your Own Hops

HopsThe hop is a hardy perennial plant that is easily grown at home, provided it has sufficient sunlight and space to grow. Growing hops is an especially gratifying hobby in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon is the second largest hop producing state in the US where moderate temperatures during the summer are favorable for growing high quality aroma-hops.

Homebrewers feel a great sense of pride when they are able to enjoy beer brewed at home with hops from their own gardens.
Relax, hops can be grown easily around Portland with proper care. Hops grow from small root-like cuttings that are 6 inches to a foot long and are called rhizomes. You can purchase rhizomes at HBX in the spring. We have a dozen different varieties.

Where to plant hops
Select an area in your garden with plenty of sun and require 6-8 hours of sun a day. We recommend the South side of your home/garden or any area without blockades. Hops need at least 6-8 hours of sun a day. Hop vines need a vertical support. They can grow to over 25 feet so vertical space for a strong trellis is also very important. Keep reading below...

Pre Order your Hop Rhizomes Now

Starting now through March 31st we are taking orders for hop rhizomes. Order Rhizomes Here or come into the store.

Pre sale Price is $4.00. Hop vine trace

A rhizome is a living part of the root of a female hop vine and is the best way to start a new plant for growing at home. Hops can be successfully grown in backyards and gardens almost anywhere in the continental United States. The vines are perennial and will send up new shoots in the spring however growth is usually stronger is subsequent years after the root system has developed more fully.

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